Janfire System Jet wood pellet burnershave been in production in Sweden for the past 30 years

With over 40,000 wood pellet burners now in operation, Janfire’s continued success is testimony to their high-quality range of innovative and reliable products, which are manufactured in Scandinavia and distributed throughout the world from Chile to Alaska.

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Nuergy Biomass

Nuergy Biomass supply & distribute the Janfire range of Wood Pellet Boilers, burners, pellet storage hoppers and silo solutions. Established for over 10 years we are a team of dedicated engineers specialising in Biomass wood pellet combustion in domestic, commercial & industrial heating systems, steam drying & CHP renewable energy plant.

Free yourself today from frustrating fossil fuel price hikes with a Fully Automatic Wood Pellet heating system. 


Many already are turning heating costs into income by claiming quarterly Cash Back Payments for up to 20 years from the UK Government’s Commercial and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Green Deal Finance & Eco Funding Schemes.


NOW is the time to make the change to an eco-friendly wood burning boiler. Need a plan? Nuergy will do all the planning for you…Simply register your interest HERE we will be happy to discuss your requirements for installation of biomass boilers.


Join our Dealer & Installer Network. Currently we are recruiting experienced dealers and installers in all areas for domestic & commercial heating, industrial drying & process steam installations in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.


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For Service & Technical Support Contact Us on: 01506 882720 or Email Us: 

Domestic                                                                                                  Properties:

 Janfire Wood Pellet Heating Systems for Domestic Biomass Heating:


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Commercial                                                                                                 Buildings:

Janfire Wood Pellet Heating Systems for Commercial Biomass Heating: 


District                                                                                                            Heating:

Janfire Wood Pellet Heating Systems for Biomass District Heating:  



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Industrial                                                                                                            Process:

Janfire Wood Pellet Heating Systems for Industrial Biomass Process Heating: